I am a dynamic individual with a broad range of knowledge and expertise which makes me an ideal candidate for most positions. Although my main qualification lies in the field of Graphic Design I have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of technical and logical operations. This experience together with my graphic design skills means that I am ideally suited for the field of web development.

I have shown the ability to learn new skills in a reasonably short amount of time and I am self motivated to learn these skills as situations warrant. This is manifested in my self taught knowledge of Python, Zope/Plone, Django, Google App Engine, PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, JQuery.

In general I have excellent verbal and written communication skills and I am known to converse in a positive and motivated manner. I function well as an individual and also work very well as a member of a team. I have displayed the ability to work with the minimum amount of supervision.

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for writing the helpful script, guiding me on how to use it (many emails and chats), sending me the updated cache which worked very well and all your patience! I just updated 21 excel databases within minutes using the script, something that would have taken hours if not days where it to be done manually. This part of our project is done, and quickly thanks to you."

"It was a real pleasure and satisfying experience working with Andre on this project. Professional work-flow and time management, great support and a good looking, easy and intuitive Content Management System are just some of the reasons that I will definitely be working with him on future projects."

"We've found working with Andre absolutely first class. He takes the time to understand the background to a project which enables him to get very close to the desired result in the first iteration. He's then able to refine things quickly and efficiently, resulting in the customer getting exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. What more could you ask for?"